Marge Foran, RDH, COM

Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

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Here is a testimonial from a patient who came to Montana Myofunctional Therapy for orofacial pain…. “A lifetime of small incidents coupled with personal stress led to a significant injury of my TMJ several years ago.  After that day I could barely open my mouth because the pain was so horrible.  Each day was miserable and I felt as though my life was spiraling downward and getting worse.  I could no longer communicate and began to avoid speaking certain words, eating meat or anything crunchy was out of the question, normal conversation hurt, and singing at church was too painful.  I constantly bit my tongue while eating and sleeping and swallowing water became increasingly difficult.

And then one day I saw Marge Foran coming out of her office,  I remember asking her, “What the heck is Myofunctional Therapy?”   And so began my journey of self-discovery.  Marge has led me through a sequence of facial and tongue exercises, helped me identify bad habits which added stress to my TMJ, and she constantly monitored my progress. Marge’s orofacial myofunctional training and desire to help people proved to be a winning combination for me.   She handles my case with the utmost professionalism, kindness and always offers encouragement.

If all goes well at my next appointment I will graduate to the maintenance stage of my healing journey.  I know that I found Marge through the Grace of God.  Marge Foran and her myofunctional therapy changed my life – gave me back my life.  I become tearful each time I think about my new jaw.  I sing at church again!  I chew food without pain!  I talk up a storm!  I have confidence again!  Mere words will never express the deep gratitude I feel.  Thank You”   2013   F.S.




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