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Welcome to
Montana Myofunctional Services


Discover the root cause of crooked teeth & tongue thrusting

MT Myofunctional Services
for adults & children
of all ages


Bye Bye Crooked Teeth & Tongue Thrust!

Myofunctional therapy addresses the root cause of crooked teeth

Protect your orthodontic investment

Stop tongue thrusting for straight teeth

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I help people of all ages who
want straight teeth for life.

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Myofunctional Therapy is:     
Less time in braces

Eliminating tongue
thrust patterns

Having teeth stay
straight after braces

Going through braces and struggling to finish up treatment because of a tongue thrust?


Have you invested several thousand
dollars in orthodontic treatment and
you want to be finished?

Have you been told you have a tongue
thrust that keeps moving your teeth?.

At Montana Myofunctional Services....

I specialize in balancing the muscles

of the mouth and face so they

function together for straight teeth


With a personalized assessment, you’ll

discover if your lips, tongue, cheeks

or jaw muscles are contributing to crooked teeth.

So, let’s get straight teeth, be finished with braces and have a great smile for a lifetime.

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Schedule a Consultation

Choose a therapy plan

Enjoy straight teeth for a lifetime

Call to Schedule a Consultation with
Marge Foran, BA, RDH, COM

Hours by appointment only

(406) 431-3441

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